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Залізнична 7

Zaliznychna 7

Reconstruction of existing administrative and industrial buildings with superstructures
Трильовського 4

Trylovskoho 4

Apartment building dwelling house for 56 apartments with underground parking
Простір Довженка

Dovzhenko Square

Reconstruction of the square with the construction of a finely dispersed dry fountain
Буйка 2

Buyka 2

Reconstruction of an existing administrative-production building with a superstructure
Замарстинівський парк

Zamarstynivskyy Park

Reconstruction of a part of the park with the introduction of new opportunities for leisure
Міський архів

City Archive

The building of the city archive with public functions
Сорокова школа

School #40

Reconstruction of sports core of residential district with extension of public function
Сихівський замок

Syhivskyy Castle

Reconstruction of children playground with preservation of the formed ideological identity
Сквер гідності

Square of Dignity

Public space with custom street furniture and flexible organization of leisure and communication
Бартатів 8

Bartativ 8

One-family residential house in a complex of country house settlement
Любінська 93

Lubinska 93

Children playscape with the use of natural elements


A complex of country house settlement